Rolex Submariner 1680 'Pumpkin Lume' Full Set (1978)

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Model Code: 1680
The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic and recognisable diving watches ever made. Shifting through many different variations over its long lifespan, the Submariner remains a popular model in modern Rolex catalogues. The 1680 reference, one of the most iconic of all Submariners, was the next generation of early late seventies/early eighties Submariners, preceded by the 5513. This particular example has a serial number displaying '558xxxx', indicating 1978 as the year of manufacture. Its incredible matte dial displays the rare 'feet first' engraving, reading '660ft=200m' where most Submariners would list the depth in metres before feet. The most notable feature of this example is the beautiful patina of its lume, aging to an almost orange hue. This feature is often referred to as 'pumpkin lume' by vintage Rolex enthusiasts. This watch's desirability is only enhanced by its outstanding condition, showing minimal signs of wear. Presented in its original presentation box, this early late '70s Submariner is one of the finest we have encountered. It is also accompanied by its original bill of sale, hang-tag, service papers, booklets and sales guarantee dated 16/01/1980.

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