Rolex Submariner 16610LV (2008) 'Kermit'

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Model Code: 16610LV
The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic and recognisable diving watches ever made. Shifting through many different variations over its long lifespan, the Submariner is a mainstay in Rolex catalogues. Traditionally monochrome in its design, the mid-2000s saw a monumental addition to the Submariner collection through the release of the 16610LV model. Its bright green bezel stood in major contrast to its black-bezelled counterpart. While the move at the time proved infamous, the 16610LV remains a beloved reference amongst the Rolex faithful, inspriring a wave of design variations for future generations of the Submariner. This reference, nicknamed the 'Kermit', is a true pioneer of contemporary style - commanding a greater presence on the wrist while championing Rolex's signature green. The green bezel, black dial 'Kermit' variation was revived in a new line of 41mm Submariners released in 2020, thus increasing demand for this original model. This model, sold in 2008, is accompanied by its original inner and outer packaging, hang-tags, booklets and guarantee card dated 21/06/2008. Becoming all the more collectable following its recent revival, there is never a better time to invest in one of Rolex's true greats.

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