Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675 Pepsi Full Set (1966)

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Model Code: 1675

As the demand for Rolex in the modern market continues to soar, it takes one special vintage Rolex to understand why such fanfare exists. Rolex's pioneering spirit throughout the last century has propelled the brand to unwavering heights of popularity. The timeless designs of the '50s and '60s continue to set the bar for every new Rolex release. Arguably the GMT-Master is the most commanding of all.

One of history's most collectible and important watches, the GMT-Master was manufactured to tell the time in more countries than one. A 24-hour bezel, coloured in blue and red is the most famous characteristic of the GMT-Master, as championed by this 1675 reference. As with many of their watches, the Rolex GMT-Master transended from its utilitarian roots as a navigator's or pilot's companion to a symbol of affluence and a travelled lifestyle. Worn on the wrists of famous actors, artists and musicians, the bold 'Pespi' colourway of the GMT-Master remains iconic and forever cult.

Encountering an original '60s GMT-Master is a rare feat in itself. Yet the probablility of sourcing an example in near-mint condition is even slimmer. Understandably, we were simply blown away when we found this one.

Manufactured in 1966 and sold in 1967, this GMT-Master Ref. 1675 has everything and more. Traditionally, immediate signs of wear emerge through the fading of the Pepsi bezel to a rosier colour. However this example retains its strong finish and shows little to no signs of wear to either the bezel or stainless steel case. Its magnificent bezel surrounds an original matt dial and matching hands. Its case remains sharp with chamfered lugs- not overpolished. It is presented on a 7836 bracelet with a 358 end piece. The caseback shows engravings of the original owner's name.

Furthemore this watch is accompanied by its original punched guarantee from 1967, chronometer certificate, instruction booklets, hang-tag, cigarette card, wallet, service insert and, most importantly, its purchase invoice. The box, while in period and original, is a service box and not the original (as suggested by the cigaratte card).

The gold standard of investment watches, there is simply no better time to purchase a vintage Rolex GMT-Master.

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