Rolex GMT-Master 1675 (1978)

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Model Code: 1675

Boasting the iconic pepsi bezel, this incredible Rolex GMT-Master needs no introduction. Its beautifully faded bezel represents a lifetime of love and wear, dating back to 1978. However this watch remains in outstanding condition for its age, performing perfectly with minimal signs of wear. Its moderate 39mm diameter and low-weight case makes this GMT one of the most comfortable watches we've encountered. Its presence on the wrist is certainly not squandered, as its rich combination of red and blue cannot be overlooked. 40 years later after the release of this watch, the GMT-Master remains one of the most sought after timepieces in the modern watch market.

This example features a Mark 4 dial with matching hands in outstanding condition. Presented on a 7836 bracelet with a serial number of 5420xxx. There is never a better time to invest in this iconic reference.

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