Rolex Explorer II 226570 Watch (2022)

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Model Code: 226570
Striking the perfect balance between utility and wearability, the Explorer II is the quintessential tool watch. The original Explorer was born through the rigorous trials faced by climbers on the Everest expedition, where Sir John Hunt, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay would wear a Rolex Oyster throughout their summit, which would mark one the greatest feats in human history. Rolex would adapt the feedback of the climbers when creating one of history’s greatest tool watches - the Explorer. In 1971, the Explorer II was released to cater for speliologists, who required a large display and GMT function while exploring caves. 50 years later, the Explorer II remains one of the staples of the Rolex Professional catalogue - presented as a workhorse watch knows for its durability and robustness. 2021 saw the evolution of the Explorer II through an upgraded 3285 GMT movement with a lenghtier power reserve. The optimised Chromalight display offers an impressive 17-hour luminoscity - a feature unique to the Explorer collection. Purchased in 2022, this model falls firmly within its 5-year international Rolex guarantee. The black dial of this particular model allows for utmost legibiltiy in dark conditions. Alongside this incredible watch comes its original box, Rolex leaflets, hang tags and guarantee showing a purchase date of 25/08/2022. A complete full set, this Explorer II is the perfect all-rounder.

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