OMEGA Military RAF 1956 6B/159 38mm

6B/159 6B/159 6B/159 6B/159 6B/159 6B/159 6B/159 6B/159
Model Code: 6B/159
Widely recognised as one of the finest and most prolific manufacturers of military timepieces, Swiss brand Omega famously supplied the British Royal Airforce around the Second World War with many of their wristwatches. In particular, this 6B/159 designation was commissioned in 1956 when the RAF issued a new stainless steel case for the remaining stock of their watches produced for the war. This new case came in replacement of the original low-cost alloy cases, and the RAF were able to retain their high quality movements. This designation was used by navigators prior to the widespread use of radar or GPS navigation. The accuracy of this Omega timepiece was therefore essential in calculating the position of aircrafts. This particular example remains in good overall condition despite its 65 years of life. Its timekeeping remains strong - a testament to the durability of Omega's great movements.

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