Lemania Royal Air Force 1963 Single Button Chronograph

1478/63 1478/63 1478/63 1478/63 1478/63 1478/63 1478/63 1478/63
Model Code: 1478/63

Issued by the Royal Air Force, Lemania was a staple of the British Military for many years. Originally manufacturing movements for such brands as Omega in their creation of the Speedmaster, Lemania soon became respectable chronograph producer in their own right. In the mid-20th Century, the brand was commissioned to supply military watches for British troops in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force alike. Thus Lemania is a name which has held its prominence in the watch collecting community, offering a larger 40mm case size in a landscape of rather conserative-sized, understated military watches.

This is an outstanding example from 1963 (evidenced by the engraving 1478/63 on the caseback) which features 6BB military engravings on the caseback to indicate that this watch was issued to a Royal Air Force pilot. This functional timepiece offers perfect legibility with its original lumed hands as well as luminous '12' and '6' numerals standing before a rich, black dial. A brilliant time capsule of both stellar watchmaking and Britain's wonderful military history, this Lemania single button chronograph is a perfect addition to any collection.

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