Jaeger-LeCoultre Navigator's Mark 11 (Mark XI) Wristwatch

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Model Code: Mark 11

Considered one of the finest mechanical military watches ever produced, the Mark 11 overflows with history and mechanical prowess. The iconic Mark 11 is the quintessential pilot's watch manufactured strictly in line with the British Military of Defense's specifications. Issued to navigators in the RAF and Australian RAAF, this reference was produced exclusively by both Jaeger-LeCoultre and International Watch Company (IWC), with both watches appearing similar with only slight differences.

Its production came shortly after the Second World War, when the RAF decided it needed a new pilot's watch. The Mark 11 features the world's first anti-magnetic case, housing a thick iron dial covering the sides of the movement. The movement iron cover uses a similar shape to rise and meet the dial sides. Thus, the movement was housed in what was named the 'Faraday cage', thoroughly shielding the movement in an anti-magnetic case. The screening effect the cage provided was substantial enough to entirely mediate any effect of a magnetic field on the watch's performance.

Its stainless steel case measures at 35.3mm houses the famous manual wind 488/Sbr movement. This example from 1948 remains in brilliant condition for its age. Perhaps the most sought after military timepieces in history, the legendary Mark 11 is an important reference from a revolutionary time in watchmaking.

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