CWC G10 ‘Fat Boy’ Military Falklands War Watch with Outstanding Provenance

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Model Code: G10

One of the most staggering, legitimate full set treasures we’ve ever come across; this CWC military watch from the Falklands War is rich with history and is accompanied by some truly special artefacts. The watch itself is characterised by its military issued provenance, issued to all branches of the British Military from 1980 to the early 2000s due to its noticeably high accuracy and durability. Its overall outstanding performance allowed the watch to stand as a ‘Navigator’ grade timepiece, used by Aircrews and the Royal Navy also. This particular model from 1975 is referred to as the ‘Fat Boy’ due to the thickness of the ESA movement, giving the case a profound chunkiness with a depth of 13mm. Furthermore this watch still remains on its original deployment G10 strap.

What makes this piece a standout in any military watch collection is the assortment of memorabilia which stands alongside. This piece is accompanied by its original receipt of purchase, detailing the watch’s more intricate details (case back markings, materials, etc.). Additionally a letter from the Ministry of Defence confirms the date of the watch and additional insights into the watch’s history. Most notably the watch comes with a collection of photos from the original owner, depicting his journey toward the Falklands during the 1982 conflict with Argentina. These were taken on the former passenger ship M V Norland that sailed to San Carlos Water. With this watch also comes a Red Cross Prisoner of War card which was given to the troops in case of capture. Furthermore there is an issue of a Falklands newspaper entitled ‘Penguin News’ which was taken back by the original owner as a memento. Finally the package includes two leaflets to be distributed as British propaganda that would hopefully result in Argentinian surrender.

Certainly an extraordinary find, this piece stands as a real treasure and one which possesses a rich visual history. With this watch and all its components in outstanding condition, it now waits for its legacy to be celebrated in the possession of a new collector.

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