Breitling Transocean Chronograph 1915 AB1411 Limited Edition

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Model Code: AB1411
One of 1915 produced, this exquisite Breitling Transocean Limited Edition '1915' model commemorates Breitling's important innovations in watchmaking history. In the early 20th Century, watchmakers had not convceived the idea of separating the start, stop and reset functions of a chronograph. However, in 1915, Breitling revolutionised the chronograph by incorporating a pusher at the two o'clock position (traditionally mounted on the crown). While this change was minor in its day, it proved to have considerable longetivity and allowed for a more erganomic and intuitive function. The Transocean Chronograph 1915 is a beautiful tribute to Breitling's advancements in early chronograph design, proving highly popular upon its release in 2015. This model measures at a 43mm diameter with a 14.6mm thickness. It features a brilliant white dial with legible numerals, twin subdials and a vintage feel - a noticeable departure from Breitling's more sports-oriented designs of the present day. Accompanied by its original packaging, booklets, chronometer certificate and guarantee dated 09/06/2015, this example (numbered #908 of 1915) is a versatile chronograph that overflows with heritage.

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