Breitling 765 'AVI' (Circa 1962)

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Model Code: 765
The Breitling 'AVI' was introduced in 1953, acting as an influential benchmark for many manufacturers of pilot's watches, and even Breitling themselves. The 765 'AVI', at 41mm, emphasised legibility, water resistance and relability. The 765 'AVI' was issued to pilots of the Italian Air Force due to its technical advancements, durable design and high movement quality. The pioneering model would later inspire some of Breitling's more famous collections, including the highly functional Navigator. Made from stainless steel, this 41mm chronograph features the famous 'reverse panda' configuaration through its black dial with three white subdials - adopted by Breitling between 1962 and 1964. The case boasts a bi-directional rotating bezel with a twelve-hour graduation and remains in extraordinary condition. The matte black remains rich and unspoiled, while the silver subdials and luminous hands show a subtle patina for a vintage feel. This example is powered by the esteemed Venus calibre 178 manual winding movement, offering utmost precision for military pilots. Increasingly difficult to source, these 756 'AVI' models represent an important piece of Breitling's intimate relationship with the skies.