Bamford London x Popeye GMT - 2021 Limited Edition

Model Code: BAMFORD
A modern cornerstone of British watchmaking, Bamford Watch Department, once known for their feats in watch customisation, have increased their offering with the home-grown and widely successful Bamford watch. Bamford's jovial and cutting-edge approach is a refreshing injection into the traditional watchmaking landscape, and the Bamford GMT leads the charge in championing value-for-money timepieces. Released in 2021, the Bamford London dual time GMT proudly features the Popeye character striking a classic pose with his strong arms moving around the dial to emulate the hour and minute hands. While charming and playful, the attention to detail of the Popeye Limited Edition is undeniable. A blue and black colour code features prominently, extending to the packaging - the watch is housed in a can to reference the cans of spinash famously devoured by Popeye on-screen. A black cordura strap with black stitching allows the design to really pop. This 100-piece limited edition Popeye GMT is the perfect contrast one needs in their collection - a welcomed dose of nostalgia and, importantly, a fun departure from watchmaking norms.

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